Case Studies

Here are some of the case studies that represent the foremost thinking in web development and application. It delivers to clients' growth and creates a better customer service experience for our clients' customers.

Global Biopharmaceutical Company | Subway | Marriott Vacation Club | Timex

Global Biopharmaceutical Company– Product Feedback in Real-Time

A global biopharmaceutical company was looking for an on-line mechanism that Regional Clinical Specialists working for the company and Doctors using their products could use to provide information on how their drugs were being utilized in real-world settings.

We developed a case management system for them that allowed Regional Clinical Specialists and doctors to create on-line cases detailing the experiences their patients had using pharmaceutical drugs. To make the process of answering so many questions more enjoyable, the questions were implemented in a way that allowed users to quickly move from one question to the next without reloading the entire screen and to save their progress at any time. The system also provided immediate feedback on their progress with a real-time status bar so users did not feel lost. The complicated question logic was implemented using a custom developed survey engine that supported the complicated branching logic required to fill out a case.

The system has been exceptionally well received by Regional Clinical Specialists and Doctors for its ease of use and real-time feedback. The client now has the data it needs to understand how its products are being used, and Doctors are able to fill out case information in half the time.

Subway – Customized Extranet for Subway Employees

One of Subway’s biggest challenges is that it has a vast worldwide audience that includes 28,000 Franchisees, thousands of employees and hundreds of agencies. Their existing extranet was utilized as the hub for several types of communications resulting in “information overload” (e.g. links to everything for every type of user). Additionally the extranet enabled access to multiple / disparate systems but required multiple logins. Usage of the site was declining and lacked a proper representation of the Subway brand.

We created a customized extranet for Subway Employees, Franchisees and Marketing Agencies that contained dozens of User Groups where login credentials drive specific website content and access. Additionally users now have Single-Sign-On access to several disparate systems.

As a result, elements such as a customized content based on user group profile was created to show the most important items needed by each user right on home page, and a user group profile which dynamically populates tools and resources. The usage doubled in first few months of implementation.

Marriott Vacation Club – Improving Guest Satisfaction

Marriott Vacation Club had a concern with customer satisfaction and repeat customers at their properties internationally. That’s where Horizon Marketing Group was able to assist. In conjunction with the Marriott Vacation Club it was determined that property managers were the ones that could have the most impact on how satisfied guests are with their stay.

We created and maintained a comprehensive online customer satisfaction survey. The surveys were distributed worldwide in multiple languages and contained several “branches” depending on how customers answered. We also built a robust reporting backend for Marriott executives to access critical performance data. Most importantly the reports were utilized by Marriott executives to determine property by property performance which was tied directly to the property managers compensation.

We cannot take credit for the improvement in satisfied customers seen by Marriott Vacation Club guests; there was a noticeable improvement in property scoring. Property managers saw the tools as a great way of determining their own personal successes and look forward to feedback reports as part of standard operation procedure.

Timex - Increasing Sales through E-Commerce Website

Although Timex sells millions of watches per year, they had very little customer. Additionally, Timex desired to sell more watches directly through their e-Commerce website

A platform was developed for capturing customer data via all website touch points (including Warranties, Web Store, Contact Forms and more. Additionally we assisted Timex in developing a strategy for building more robust customer profiles to for better segmented email communications.

As a result, sales on the website increase more than 25%. Additionally, the Timex list grew from 25,000 active emails to over 100,000 active profiles.

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Binary Partners have enabled us to halve our Web development costs. At the same time, quality has gone up. They know how offshoring is supposed to work.

Eric Bum
Fidelity Investments

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